About Brisbane Colorectal

Get the relief you need

About Brisbane Colorectal

Get the relief you need

You’re at the right place if you’re worried about, or suffering from, anal, colon, rectal and abdominal issues and looking for some answers.

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As one of Brisbane’s leading colorectal surgeons, we’re the right fit for you if you’re seeking specialists who:

  • Listen and factor in your past, present and beliefs – you’re more than a symptom; and, some colorectal and abdominal problems develop over years or stem from childhood.
  • Provide considered options, and it may not be surgery. If surgery is recommended, where possible it’ll be minimally invasive.
  • Work collaboratively with gastroenterology, oncology, radiology and allied health providers to ensure you get the very best care – you won’t be left wondering ‘what now’ after surgery.
  • Treat you with the respect, care and dignity you deserve.
  • Offer unparalleled experience and expertise. Trained by the very best, well-versed on technological and discipline advancements and continues to actively contribute to the colorectal surgery field.
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Get expert care for irritating or life-limiting anal, colon, rectal and abdominal issues

Call us on 07 3010 3360 to book your appointment.

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Brisbane Colorectal Team

A specialist support team, we are Dr Chris Gillespie and Dr Tim Slack; and helping you with appointments and enquiries at reception is Steph and Naomi.

Whether you’re dealing with a daily irritant or a life-limiting or life-threatening issue due to an anal, colon, rectal or abdominal condition, you deserve a high standard of care and the best outcome.

That’s what we specialise in.

We continue this practice’s legacy – one that was established by two well respected and accomplished colorectal surgeons – Drs. Andrew Bell and David Schache – who set the precedent for seeing, evaluating and treating patients as a whole, not just a single organ with an issue needing an operation. We take a multidisciplinary approach to problem solving our patient’s concerns.

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Get to know our colorectal surgeons

Brisbane Colorectal Dr Chris Gillespie

Dr Chris Gillespie

Colorectal Surgeon

Brisbane Colorectal Dr Tim Slack

Dr Tim Slack

Colorectal Surgeon

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Wound and Stomal Therapists

When needed, we call on our partners Katie, Eric, and Linda, the experienced and friendly Mater Wound and Stomal Therapists.

Their experience and knowledge is invaluable to any patient who is contemplating a ‘stoma’ (colostomy/ileostomy), and when necessary, they’re involved in surgery preparation and postoperative care.

They’re always ready to help problem-solve and provide care for patients with difficult wound problems.

The Brisbane Colorectal Stomal Therapist team
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Our History


The Beginning

Our history spans over 20 years when founders Dr Andrew Bell and Dr David Schache first opened the Brisbane Colorectal doors to patients at the Mater Private Clinic in July 2001.

Dr Bell had been in private practice in Brisbane since 1990, with hospital appointments to Mater Public and Private Hospitals. During his career he served on professional committees and associations at state and national level, including as a Director of the Colorectal Surgical Society of Australia and New Zealand, on the State Committee of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons and as a Director of John Paul College Ltd.

While providing surgical care to patients Dr Schache — well known to surgeons around Queensland, Australia and New Zealand — was a mentor to training and junior surgeons at Princess Alexandra Hospital. Among those junior surgeons was Dr Slack and Dr Gillespie.


Next Generation

Dr Gillespie joined Brisbane Colorectal in May 2014, and was soon joined by Dr Slack in March 2015.


A New Adventure

Leaving behind a legacy of high level of care and commitment to the field of colorectal surgery, Dr Schache retired in December 2015.


A New Adventure Part 2

Dr Bell hung up the endoscope for the last time in April 2017, leaving Drs Gillespie and Slack to continue providing exceptional care at Brisbane Colorectal.


Present Day

Both Dr Gillespie and Dr Slack continue the high level of care that Drs Schache and Bell provided over the years. And contribute to the field of colorectal surgery through various activities, including teaching and conference participation.